Respectful Advocacy in Animal Welfare

Human Animal Support Services Statement Regarding Respectful Advocacy in Animal Welfare:

We believe in advocacy. We believe that advocates have driven much of the change that has happened in animal welfare over the last 20 years. We ARE advocates.

What we do not believe in are attacks that are disguised as advocacy.

We do not believe in name-calling, threats of violence  or harm against shelter staff or their families, or personal attacks.

We believe that the most effective way to create change is to use real information; real facts; and provide real solutions to shelters that are struggling to keep up with the demand for services.

We believe that even if you disagree with a shelter’s policies or practices, you are more likely to help inspire change by communicating your issues and concerns respectfully and offering to help.

We believe that if you are not getting anywhere with shelter staff, even when communicating professionally, you should take those concerns to their leadership, whether it is a government body or board of directors.

We believe that ultimately we all share the same goal of saving the lives of animals in our communities, and that together we will always be more successful in achieving that mission, as opposed to driving a wedge between advocates and shelter staff.


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