Buy the Block New Home Buyer Process

Step 1: Submit a completed Application Form  (en Español) with all required documents to City of Rochester Homebuyer Services Team by November 15, 2022.* Submission instructions are included in the forms. If you missed the deadline for the first six model homes, applications will reopen for up to 18 additional homes in 2023!

Step 2: If your application is eligible, a member of the City of Rochester Homebuyer Services Team will schedule an in-person appointment to review your application pre-approval and step you through the Buy The Block home-buying process. These meetings will be held by December 15, 2022.

Step 3: With the information provided in Step 2, reach out to a participating bank and apply for a mortgage.

Step 4: Return signed approval documents, completed property selection form, and prequalification letter from an approved lender to Homebuyer Services Team by January 11, 2023.

Step 5:  Attend an open house or schedule a private showing of the model home you have selected (you will receive notice of the open houses/showing opportunity). Open houses and private showings will be available for an approximately two-week period after construction is complete on the model homes in February/March 2023.

Step 6: The buyers of the first six model homes will be selected following the completion of construction through a lottery drawing in March 2023 from the list of approved buyers for each home design.

The six selected buyers of the model homes will be notified within one week to schedule a meeting to write a purchase contract for the home. Buyers must bring a $1,000 deposit to this meeting (an additional $500 is due prior to closing).

Selected buyers must complete an online pre-purchase class and send their certificate of completion to Homebuyer Services Team no later than four weeks after entering into a purchase contract.

NOTE: All approved buyers will have the opportunity to purchase one of the 18 homes to be built in 2023, even if they are not selected to purchase one of the six model homes. All remaining approved buyers will be automatically moved to the waiting list for those homes.

Step 7: Complete the required, free, online post-purchase course within 12 months of closing.

*If a qualified applicant misses the November 15, 2022 deadline, they will be able to submit an application before March 31, 2023 to be included in the process for homes built in 2023.