Property Improvement RFP

The City of Rochester on behalf of the Rochester ADLN team is seeking proposals from qualified Respondent(s) to administer a Property Improvement Program to assist Rochester residents at risk of displacement and to fill a gap in existing rehabilitation programs. The City seeks to do so by providing rehabilitation and repair services, particularly repairs/rehab/updates that a tenant and housing provider agree will improve quality of life and reduce transiency for the tenant household, but potentially including energy efficiency upgrades or repairs that will bring properties in line to leverage other assistance programs (the “Project”). The program will stabilize housing by providing lower-income households, in particular women of color caring for children in their household, with opportunities to improve the quality of their housing, and overall increasing the number of affordable rental units in good condition.

The City seeks to retain a Consultant or Consultant(s) with experience working with housing providers, contractors, repair or other assistance programs, and households undergoing or who have undergone housing instability and/or ownership/property management concerns. Activities include review of applications and facilitation of approved repairs for low-income households within the city, primarily tenants. The Project also includes coordination of other applicable programs to further assist with the property improvements, including but not limited to City of Rochester Rehabilitation programs, RENEW, and/or NYSERDA’s Energy Efficiency programs.

 In order to provide the City with an opportunity to discuss the RFP and Respondents with an opportunity to ask questions and clarify the RFP, a pre-proposal conference will be held via Zoom on October 17, 2022 at 11:00am. Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend, but there is no requirement to attend the pre-proposal conference and no obligation by the City to provide information from the conference to parties who fail to attend. 

The RFP is available here>>>