RFP - 62-64 Scio Street

The City of Rochester (“City”), through this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) solicitation, seeks a qualified developer/team of developers (“Developer”) to purchase and creatively improve 62-64 Scio Street (the “Site”) in Rochester, NY. It is the City’s intention to receive development proposals that will lead to the sale of the Site to a Developer who presents the best use and plan/layout of such use, and demonstrates the best financial capacity to undertake the proposed project within a reasonable time.  The Developer will creatively improve the Site with the necessary land use/mix of uses and all necessary infrastructure to service those uses.


The Site is located at 62-64 Scio Street, east of the Genesee River and within the Inner Loop, north of East Avenue and south of East Main Street.  The Site is generally bounded by Scio Street to the east, a vacant lot to be used for parking to the north, Mathews Street to the west, and Speedy’s Cleaners and a parking lot to the south. The East End Garage is directly across Scio Street, and 200 East Avenue Apartments is directly across Mathews Street. 

The Site is located in the East End neighborhood.  The Center City Master Plan characterizes the neighborhood as “a uniquely combined mixed-use neighborhood and dynamic entertainment district that showcases a variety of safe, convenient city living opportunities along with an exciting variety of nightlife, restaurants, entertainment venues and tourist attractions.” The immediate surrounding area is primarily commercial in nature, with several bars, restaurants, and entertainment, and some residential uses. The Eastman Theatre and School of Music, the Little Theatre, Spot Coffee, Flour City Station, RoCo Gallery, Ugly Duck Coffee, City Blue Imaging, Chick’n Out, and Charlotte Square Apartments are within easy walking distance of the Site. The Rochester International Jazz Festival, one of the world’s leading jazz festivals, takes place near the Site each June, with concert venues and outdoor stages throughout the East End.
Additionally, the Site is just blocks from the former Inner Loop East, which has been transformed by the construction of new mixed-use developments. As of April 2023, 470 residential units have been built with more on the way, and over 142,000 square feet of commercial space have been completed or are under construction, including a new hotel, brewery, restaurant, parking garage and an expansion of the Strong Museum of Play.

The City has completed the environmental cleanup of the Site as part of the City of Rochester’s 2010 Brownfield Cleanup Grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The Site was remediated assuming future use for commercial and mixed use redevelopment. The City was issued a “No Further Action” letter from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in 2018 with a contingency that future intrusive redevelopment activities with the potential to encounter or disturb residual contamination must be conducted in accordance with the July 2018 Soil & Groundwater Management Plan (SGMP) prepared for the Site. The SGMP can be found at https://www.cityofrochester.gov/62scio/.

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 Additional Resources 

 Information Session

An information session was held on Thursday, May 18, 2023 via Zoom. A recording of the session can be found here.

Submission Information and Deadline

A complete electronic copy of the proposal must be submitted on a USB, jump drive, or via Dropbox or other file sharing website no later than 4:00pm on Friday, June 30, 2023. Please submit your proposal no more than one time, using only one submission method.

A USB or jump drive may be submitted to:

City of Rochester - Department of Neighborhood and Business Development
Attn: Lindsay Nabozny, Senior Community Housing Planner
30 Church Street - Room 005A
Rochester, NY 14614

Proposals submitted via file sharing site may be emailed to RFP-Development@CityofRochester.gov


Any questions or requests for clarification should be sent in writing to RFP-Development@CityofRochester.gov