RFI - Narcotics Case Management Solution RFI


The City of Rochester’s (COR’s) Police Department (RPD) is currently seeking information about potential replacements for their Narcotics Case Management Solution (CAMMS). The existing solution is outdated, difficult to work with, mistake prone, and inefficient. As a result, the RPD must rely on archaic measures to manage their people, money, and units. Currently the RPD relies on five (5) disparate ‘systems’ including and not limited to MS Excel sheets and paper tracking. Additionally, the RPD currently lacks the ability to perform modern management practices, such as the integration and consistency between multiple systems and accessing and or creating new data, reports and system generated documents.

The RPD is looking to replace the current Narcotics Case Management System (CAMMS) used by the City of Rochester as their Special Investigation Section (SIS) Fund Reporting System.

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Tyrone Johnson

City of Rochester Office of Business Intelligence

185 Exchange Blvd. Rochester, NY 14614

Suite 300

Email: Tyrone.Johnson@cityofrochester.gov

COR has done its best to make this RFI as straightforward and comprehensive as possible. However, if you have questions/issues that you feel need to be addressed before you can provide a reasonable response, you may send these questions to the above email address.

Due Date

 Please submit your response to this RFI using the Online Response Form referenced above by 5 p.m. EST on June 12, 2023.