Become a Healthy ROC Grocer

 Dress Your Store for Success - Promoting Healthy Options Starts With You! 

The Healthy ROC Grocer Program makes it easy for shoppers to find your store to quickly fill their shopping baskets with more nutritious, wholesome foods that support their and their family’s well-being. 

Who can participate in the Healthy ROC Grocer Program? 

Any grocery or market in the City of Rochester that currently offers healthier food options and complies with all city and state rules and regulations can get qualified through the City of Rochester’s Healthy Foods Assessment Tool. Email us at for more information. 

Store Types: 

  • Neighborhood Markets
  • Meat Markets
  • Small Scale Grocers
  • Specialty Food Stores
  •  Wholesalers 

Why should I join? 

The City of Rochester wants to support small businesses that supply healthy and nutritious foods in every neighborhood. Benefits of participation are inclusion in a FREE paid media campaign encouraging shoppers to visit their Healthy ROC Grocer. The campaign will direct people to shops participating in the program and increase awareness of the Healthy ROC Grocer logo. 

The media campaign will consist of the following: 

  • Billboards, bus shelters, and transit hubs 
  • Paid social media ads and other digital options 
  • FREE listing in the City of Rochester web page and social media advertising through City channels. 
  • FREE Point of Sale (POS) items to enhance your store and bring attention to more nutritious food options while tying your store to the advertising campaign. 

What type of healthy food do I have to carry? 

Stores will be reviewed using the Healthy ROC Grocer assessment tool that assigns points for a range of healthy fruit, vegetable, dairy, protein, and grain foods. Point values are determined by the USDA MyPlate nutrition guide. Additional points are assigned for accepting SNAP and WIC. 

• Dairy (any – animal & plant-based) 
• Fruits (any – fresh, canned, frozen)
• Vegetables (any – fresh, canned, frozen)
• Grains (any – rice, barley, oats, corn, quinoa, etc.) *
• Proteins – meat (any – pork, poultry, beef, fish) & plant-based (any – beans, lentils, peas, veggie burgers, etc.) * 
 *fresh, canned, frozen, dried

 Also encouraged:

  •  Breads, baked goods and pastas
  •  Ethnic options (kosher, halal, spices and seasonings, etc.)
  • Healthy prepared meals
  • Accept SNAP, WIC, or participate in the Double Up Bucks program

How does the program work? 

Email us at to set an appointment to meet at the store with the owner or an employee designated by the owner. At this meeting, the City will: 

  • Go over the program guidelines and benefits
  • Confirm your store qualifies for the program with the Healthy Foods Assessment Tool
  • Take an order for FREE Point Of Sale (POS) items for display and to promote more nutritious foods
  •  Arrange for POS items delivery

After this meeting, the owner or designated employee will:

  • Contact the NSC when refill of items is needed.
  • Continue selling healthy food options.
  • Remain in compliance with all city, state and federal regulations.