Property Assessment

neighbMntgeAccurate property assessment is critical to an equitable distribution of property taxes which fund the types of services that ensure the value and vitality of our City.

That is why over 65,000 properties are evaluated all at once, typically every 4 years, during a Reassessment to maintain accurate property data and valuation. As specific properties undergo significant physical change during Non-Reassessment years, the data and where appropriate the valuations are updated.

Correctly valued city properties ensure:

  • An accurate reflection of the true value of residential and commercial properties 
  • An indication of neighborhoods in need of intervention to build value.
  • A realistic depiction of the tax base.

City properties are assessed and then taxed at one of two rates:

  • The Homestead Rate
    This applies to one, two and three family residential properties
  • The Non-Homestead Rate
    This applies to all other properties.

Information is provided on these pages to explain more about these two rates, where they apply, how they are calculated, and how property taxes are calculated. Also provided is information about various property tax exemptions, qualifications, and how to apply. Finally, if you wish to change your assessment, the City has a process by which you may appeal for changes. Information about this process is also provided.

Please read through these pages to learn more about the assessment process. If you have any questions, contact the Bureau of Assessment using the contact information provided on the Contact Page (click here).