Reporting Drug Activity

Drug activity is devastating to neighborhoods. Because neighbors often have information that would be impossible for police to gather, their knowledge of local activity is crucial to fighting drug activity. The first thing that neighbors must remember is to keep themselves safe and hidden from observation. 

What to watch for

  • A large amount of foot traffic
  • Vehicles and pedestrians visiting a property for short periods of time
  • Glassine/plastic baggies found near the suspected location
  • Used needles in the area.

What information to get (keep a pad, and log the date and time of the activity)

  • License plate numbers from the vehicles visiting the suspect location
  • Descriptions of persons suspected of selling drugs
  • When are the busiest times at the location.
  • The type of drugs being sold - marijuana, cocaine, crack, etc.
  • Where it is being sold from - ie: porch, side door, window, etc.

How to report drug activity

If a drug sale is occurring as you watch, call 911 and ask for an immediate police response.

If you have gathered intelligence information as described above, please call 311 to report the activity (outside city limits call (585) 428-5990).

Please keep in mind that you will not get an immediate response.  Police must investigate and accumulate enough evidence to take action.