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Why Select Mount Hope for Your Interment Needs?

Mount Hope Cemetery, one of the most remarkable Victorian cemeteries in America, is a magnificent 196 acres of lofty hills and picturesque valleys created by glaciers and transformed into a beautiful historic cemetery. A diversified forest of trees forms an arboretum shading thousands of marble, bronze, and granite monuments. The cemetery is a veritable museum of funerary sculpture and mausoleums spanning more than a century and a half. 

At Mount Hope we are committed to providing customers with innovative interment and cremation options to meet current and future needs. The cemetery offers unique traditional ground burial sites for both full body and cremated remains among its 196 acres of forest, niches in free-standing columbaria to hold cremated remains, and designated gardens for the scattering of cremated remains. Private family estates for burial lots or the construction of private mausoleum, columbaria and crypts are also available.  Estates afford the ability to personalize a space including placement of benches and landscaping.

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Mount Hope is certified as hybrid burial grounds by the Green Burial Council.  The cemetery offers a designated green burial section, the Garden of Renewal, which is set within the historic landscape of the cemetery and the choice for green burial anywhere in the cemetery.  Green burial returns a person to the earth in a simpler fashion as remains may not be embalmed with toxic chemicals, caskets or burial shrouds must be made from biodegradable materials, and no vault or outer container is used in the burial.  Home wakes, public visitations, church, funeral and graveside services are options that may be arranged within the time frame green burial allows.

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Feel comfortable choosing our cemetery for your interment needs. Mount Hope has been serving the community for 175 years and over 350,000 Rochesterians have selected our cemetery as their final resting place. Our longstanding history and respected reputation enable you to choose Mount Hope with confidence. 

Want to Learn More?   

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