The Chapel of Peace Mausoleum

Why Choose the Chapel of Peace Mausoleum for Your Above Ground Internment Needs?

The Chapel of Peace Mausoleum at Riverside Cemetery provides families with an intimate and peaceful environment to reflect and remember those who rest within. 

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A Peaceful Setting 

The design of the mausoleum was inspired by the concept of the dove as a symbol of peace. The interior wings and chapel roof elements depict wing-like structures that separate slightly from the body of the building. These elements allow an abundance of natural light shining through windows above the interior spaces.

The central lobby area boasts a grand skylight that casts light on the non-denominational chapel below. The chapel area is a bright space that can accommodate over 70 people.

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The mausoleum has crypt spaces for 2,100 full casket interments. Interior crypt rooms open to the right and left of the central lobby area and are mirror images of each other. A variety of interior crypt options, all fronted with the beauty of marble and bronzed lettering are available, including single and side by side or tandem companion.

The mausoleum also has 1,600 niche spaces for cremated remains. Interior niches are arranged within both crypt rooms and in the corridors between the rooms. They are offered with glass fronts, perfect for displaying decorative urns, or with traditional marble fronts.

Outdoors, exterior granite-fronted crypts and niche spaces flank intimate and unique courtyards.

Mausoleum interment is an affordable option for many families who prefer the dignity of above-ground burial. Crypt and niche spaces can be purchased on a pre-need basis with interest-free financing for up to 5 years.

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Want to Learn More

To find out more about the Chapel of Peace or to schedule a tour, call us at (585) 428-7775.

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