Mobile Food Truck Fire Safety Information

Mobile Food Vendors/Food Trucks and Fire Safety

The City Clerk's Office issues solicitor's licenses for food trucks/mobile food vendors. For questions on how to apply for a solicitor's license, contact the City Clerk at (585) 428-6617.

Fire Safety Requirements for Food Trucks

The Rochester Fire Department is involved in the licensing process by requiring fire safety training courses and inspecting vehicles for fuel safety & other requirements. Please reference the General Safety Rules for Festivals, Event Sites and Food Vehicles for more information.

When are fire safety courses offered?

The fire safety courses are:

  • Offered every two months or as needed
  • Held at the Public Safety Training Facility, Room 104, 1190 Scottsville Road
  • Participants MUST call (585) 428-9344 to register for the class.

After trucks attend the fire safety course, the training is valid for three years. 

Once I obtain a license, where can I vend?

Vending is permitted as part of the Center City Food Truck Pilot Program and outside of Center City at approved locations. For more information on vending at these locations, call the City Clerk at (585) 428-6617.

Vending is sometimes permitted on private property, after a review by Planning & Zoning. To learn more about this process, call (585) 428-7044.

Vending is allowed as part of permitted special events, including ones at the Rochester Public Market. Event applicants should let the City know that food trucks will be present at the event.

For questions related to food trucks at the Rochester Public Market, call Cindy DeCost or Rob Sharman at (585) 428-6907 or send an email.

For questions related to food trucks at other special events throughout the City, call Kara Osipovitch in the Office of Special Events at (585) 428-6733 or send an email.

What if I still have other questions?

If you have fire safety questions in anticipation of a session or questions about any of the information on this page, feel free to call the Fire Department at (585) 428-9344     .

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