Keep Rochester Beautiful

The City of Rochester is the first city in Western New York to join the affiliate network of  Keep America Beautiful, the nation’s iconic nonprofit community improvement organization. The City affiliate operates under the name Keep Rochester Beautiful.

As a KAB affiliating operating under the name Keep Rochester Beautiful, the City of Rochester joins more than 600 Keep America Beautiful affiliates, including 27 state affiliates, and a number of international affiliates.

The Keep America Beautiful Network mobilizes more than 3.5 million volunteers each year to take positive action on community improvement concerns. As a result, litter is being reduced; solid waste is being managed responsibly; citizens are improving vacant lots, highways and other public spaces; trees and flowers are being planted; and recycling and composting efforts are expanding.

As a Keep America Beautiful affiliate, the Keep Rochester Beautiful has access to a wealth of resources and knowledge, along with potential grant funding.

KRB Board of Directors

The seven-member Keep Rochester Beautiful Board of Directors has a deep reach into the community, representing the non-profit, private and academic sectors. 

Members are:

  • Akweta Kamau, resident of Frost Avenue;
  • Shirley Boone, chief of staff, Northeast Area Development
  • Veronica Dasher, Manager for Regional Outreach and Development, RG&E
  • Matt Flanigan, Chief Executive Officer, Flower City Habitat for Humanity
  • Andy Boslett, URMC postdoctoral researcher in environmental health
  • Arleen Thaler, local photographer
  • James Napier, principal, Napier and Napier.
  • Morgan Barron, of the City’s Department of Environmental Services, serve as executive director.


Keep Rochester Beautiful seeks to end littering, increase the recycling rate and restore as well as maintain public spaces in Rochester.


KAB’s mission is to inspire and educate people to take action every day to improve and beautify their community environment. KAB helps people end littering, improve recycling and beautify America’s communities. 

As a KAB affiliate operating and Keep Rochester Beautiful, the City of Rochester is actively working on those same goals by:

  • Engaging the community with events like our annual Clean Sweep
  • Implementing innovative programs like mixed recycling
  • Revising the littering fine structure.

KAB provides with expertise, programs and resources developed over six decades and 600+ community affiliates.


  • Clean Sweep 2019 Learn more>>
  • Northeast Quad Pilot Outreach Program 

How can you get involved?

If you are interested in becoming involved with Keep Rochester Beautiful, please contact Morgan Barron, Executive Director, at Morgan.Barron@CityofRochester.Gov