Parking Emergency Streets

The City has designated 65 Parking Emergency Streets, which means on-street parking will be prohibited when a Winter Parking Emergency has been declared.

These streets (list), many of which pre-date the advent of the automobile and are unusually narrow, sometimes require full-scale “load-and-haul” snow-removal operaWinter-Parking-Signtions rather than a traditional plow run. During a Parking Emergency, the snow on these streets will be cleared from curb-to-curb to provide emergency vehicles a clear path down the center of the street when curbside parking is permitted again.

Parking Emergency Streets are posted with signs that state: No Parking This Block When Winter Parking Emergency Declared.

During Winter Parking Emergencies, free parking will be allowed in the Mortimer Street Parking Garage and the Regional Transit Service will provide free service between the garage and designated Parking Emergency streets. Several places of worship, such as churches near Parking Emergency Streets, have agreed to open their parking lots to affected motorists during non-worship hours.

Residents along these streets who rely upon on-street parking will be encouraged to make advance plans to find a place to park during Parking Emergencies.

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Below is an interactive map, with Parking Emergency Streets highlighted in red. 

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