ROC Against Gun Violence Coalition

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The ROC Against Gun Violence Coalition seeks to end gun violence in Rochester by bringing attention to the causes and effects of gun violence and promoting quality of life in Rochester's neighborhoods. The Coalition is made up of community partners and stakeholders who are already working to end gun violence using three unified tools: to educate, advocate and eradicate.  

NOTE: On June 9, 2023, as a part of multi-faceted and continued efforts to address gun violence, Mayor Malik D. Evans released a Gun Trace Data Report compiled by Brady.


The ROC Against Gun Violence Coalition will be a unified voice to improve the quality of life in our community by supporting efforts that educate and assist with eradicating gun violence, provide safe neighborhoods and trauma care for the individuals in the city of Rochester.


The ROC Against Gun Violence Coalition will educate youth and the community at large of the dangers and collateral effects of gun violence, encourage individuals to engage in diversion programs that lead to positive outcomes for their families and neighborhoods. 

Support Services

 One of the important functions of the Coalition is the support and services they provide to families and the community after a homicide has occurred. Community guidance around social distancing prohibits the RAGVC from providing in-person responses to homicide at this time, however the following services are available:

  •  211 - will provide access to available mobile and online services
  •  Moms on Demand - intake services for survivors to connect them with resources, call 585-685-4460
  •  RAGVC – to leave a message, call 585-428-6554. 


 The Education Committee

The Education Committee will identify existing programs within the City of Rochester (i.e. R-Centers) to assist with efforts to inform individuals and groups about the effects of gun violence in communities. The ED-C will also use data to create new curriculum or programming that will align with the mission of RAGVC.

 Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee will create new legislation supportive of the RAGVC mission and coordinate efforts to support existing laws that work towards reducing and eliminating gun violence.

 Eradication Committee

The Eradication Committee will recruit volunteers, mobilize RAGVC’s awareness, prevention and assistance teams as well as coordinate with existing agencies that address gun violence.

 Media Committee

The Media Committee is responsible for managing RAGVC’s social media platforms, organizing press events, overseeing public messaging and creating a calendar of events with ongoing updates. The Media Committee will coordinate with the City Communication Department.

General Coalition Partners 


 The Coalition was formed in June of 2018 during Gun Violence Awareness Month at the behest of City Councilmember Willie J. Lightfoot. 

Join Us

The Coalition seeks more Individuals and organizations to get involved and help Educate and Advocate to Eradicate gun violence in Rochester. Meetings occur on the second Monday of the Month at 6 p.m. in City Council Chambers. If you cannot join in person, you can participate with Zoom or watch on the Council's YouTube channel or Facebook page.  

Are you interested in joining the Coalition, attending a meeting, or receiving email updates on their progress? Call Councilmember Willie J. Lightfoot’s office - at (585) 428-6554, the Rochester City Council Office - at (585) 428-7538, or email Councilman Lightfoot’s Legislative Aide Andre Gulley.