The City of Rochester will engage stakeholders and foster public/private partnerships to improve neighborhoods, create healthy real estate markets, stabilize and enhance the tax base, and provide a broad array of housing options to address the needs of diverse households. To accomplish the goals of this Housing Policy, the City shall promote housing choice through:

A.) Support for fair housing programs that offer housing opportunities to members of protected classes, low- and moderate-income households, people with disabilities, and a full range of age groups.

B.) Working toward the deconcentration of poverty in City neighborhoods through efforts that attract more middle- and upper-income households and that expand housing choices for lower-income households.

C.) Ongoing efforts with other jurisdictions to ensure that a fair share of housing opportunities are available throughout the region for households with restricted choices.

D.) Development of permanent supportive housing that meets the needs of populations requiring supportive services, and encouraging the fair share of such housing outside the City.

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