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City of Rochester

Internship Opportunities

The City offers a variety of internship experiences for students enrolled in accredited academic programs. While most City internships are unpaid, college credit may be offered through arrangements with your school and supervising professor.  Browse here for an area of interest to you, and direct your inquiries to the appropriate department. 

Please note that preference is given to applicants who are city residents and/or graduated from a high school in the city. 


Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology offers paid internships in the areas of application development, business process reengineering, and server and client support. 
For more information please contact Eric Logan: (585) 428-7333  eric.logan@cityofrochester.gov 

Environmental Services

The Department of Environmental Services offers semester-long paid internships to undergraduate students in several areas, including engineering, architecture, and environmental science.  Depending on the academic institution, credit may also be given to students who complete certain requirements. While DES normally accepts applicants who are pursuing degrees in areas listed below, any student interested in the work performed by this department is encouraged to apply. 
                    Engineering (civil, structural, etc)                    Architecture            Information technology 
                    Environmental sciences or management          Surveying                Urban forestry
For more information please contact Bonnie Clements:  (585) 428-7077  Bonnie.Clements@cityofrochester.gov  

Recreation and Youth Services

The Bureau of Youth Services (Department of Recreation and Youth Services) offers opportunities to middle- and high-school students in two programs: 

  • Youth Training Academy
    YTA teaches core clerical and customer service skills to high school students ages 15 and over; successful participants may be recommended for paid internships for additional work experience.  Students must be city residents, and complete the Summer of Opportunity job application.  Previous summer employment experience is a plus, but not required. 
  • Volunteer Internship Program
    The VIP teaches core job readiness skills to students 13-15 years old.  The goal is to provide pre-employment skills training and an opportunity to practice those skills in a community service/internship project, that can be used to begin a documented work history.  Participants must be city residents and complete the VIP application.  Accepted students and parents are required to attend an orientation session.

For more information on either of these programs, contact Alison Alden, Employment & Training Coordinator, Bureau of Youth Services:  (585) 428-6342  aldena@cityofrochester.gov

The Bureau of Recreation (Department of Recreation and Youth Services) offers internship and volunteer experience for college students in the areas of social work, recreation and recreation management, community planning, or political science.   

All applicants must complete a volunteer form and are subject to a security background check.  The internship is designed to fit the individual student’s needs depending on their institution’s requirements.  Schedules are flexible, given the extended operating hours of most recreation facilities.
For more information, contact Kristina Heiligenthaler:  (585) 428-7371  heiligek@cityofrochester.gov. 

Neighborhood and Business Development

  • The  Bureau of Business and Housing Development offers unpaid internships on an as-needed basis. Responsibilities may include performing research, business analysis, business mailings, administrative and data entry tasks among others. Individuals should have a desire to assist in business growth and development.
    For more information, please contact:

    Carol Wheeler, Housing                         OR                                 Karen Altman, Business Development
    (585) 428-6152                                                                         (585) 428-6967
     carol.wheeler@cityofrochester.gov                                           karen.altman@cityofrochester.gov 
  • The Bureau of Neighborhood Preservation offers unpaid internship opportunities through the four quadrant-based Neighborhood Service Centers. NSC staff work collaboratively with residents to find workable solutions to neighborhood issues. Bringing City government closer to citizens and their neighborhoods allows quality of life issues to be addressed quickly and effectively. Each City quadrant also has an interdepartmental team of City staff dedicated to improving the quality of life in their assigned area. These cross-functional teams work to directly solve problems, establish community partnerships, and promote strength and growth in city neighborhoods. Teams meet regularly with community representatives to identify and prioritize issues. An internship in this area will give you experience in community partnerships, public safety, supporting economic development, and relationships with other City departments. The internship can be designed to fit your area of study.
    For more information, contact Nancy Johns Price: (585) 428-8814  pricen@cityofrochester.gov.


The Communications Bureau provides opportunities for college students to participate in such areas as journalism, television and radio production, graphic design, website administration, photography, and media relations. The Bureau also administers the City’s Freedom of Information function where interns can gain experience in government, records access, and law.
For more information please contact Ted Capuano: (585) 428-6427 capt@cityofrochester.gov. 

Law Enforcement

The Rochester Police Department  

The Rochester Police Department has unpaid internship opportunities for college students (highly motivated high school students may be considered) and others. The number of internships is limited. Interns are assigned to specific units or officers, where they become part of a team. Students are assigned clerical work to assist the officer and/or staff. College credit may be available, depending on the student’s school and the internship assignment.

A criminal history check is required on all volunteers and student interns. For more information contact the RPD volunteer coordinator at (585) 428-1210.

Government, Politics, and Public Service

The Office of the Mayor occasionally offers internships to area undergraduate students who are interested in urban affairs, government, and politics.  These internships provide opportunities for students to gain exposure, in a professional work setting, to municipal government, community affairs, and politics. Opportunities are limited.  If you are interested, please submit a letter of interest (including your expectations of the internship, your availability, and your specific areas of interest) and a resume to: 

Allen Williams, Director of Special Projects




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