Rochester Police Department Operations Bureau

Deputy Chief Scott Peters Commanded by Deputy Chief Scott Peters, the Operations Bureau is responsible for providing direct police services to the public. These services include the protection of life and property, protection of the constitutional guarantees of all people, reduction of opportunities for the commission of crime, resolution of conflict, identification of criminal offenders and criminal activity, and apprehension of offenders. The Deputy Chief of Operations is responsible to plan for response to unusual occurrences and emergency incidents.

The Operations Bureau consists of the Patrol Division, which includes the five sections: Lake, Genesee, Goodman, Clinton, Central.  It also includes the Special Operations Division, and Animal Services

The Operations Bureau is also responsible for departmental coordination of the City's Neighborhood Service Centers (NSC). A Lieutenant and other Departmental personnel are assigned to the NSC in each of the designated planning sectors throughout the City.  They work with personnel from other City departments to address quality-of-life concerns.

The Special Events Section is responsible for coordinating with the City of Rochester’s Office of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, and is involved with the coordination and planning of all police activities at cultural and special events, to include: assessing logistical requirements, traffic and crowd control plans, identifying potential problems associated with individual events, contingency plans, as needed, and coordination of all intra and inter department personnel.