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The Rochester Police Department is seeking qualified men and women as candidates for Police Officer.

The entry level Police Officer Civil Service examination will be held in December.  

RPD Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to sign up for the next Rochester Police Officer Exam. When will it be held? 
The next exam will be held on December 2, 2017.  Click here to apply.

I’ve taken the Rochester police officer exam in the past, but I never score high enough to be invited to the physical agility test. What can I do to improve my score on the written exam so that I’ll be invited to the physical agility? 
Read what is listed on the last Exam Announcement under Scope of the Examination. That is what the exam consists of. Study materials can be found in libraries, online and at book stores that will help you prepare for what may be on the exam. The RPD will also hold written exam workshops with available dates scheduled after the civil service application deadline has closed. 

I feel that I’m in good physical condition and that, if I’m invited to the physical agility, it will not be a problem for me.
If you are serious about becoming a Rochester police officer, you must also be serious about your overall physical fitness. Many candidates who thought they would easily pass the physical agility test actually fail it. If you fail the physical agility test and want to pursue becoming a police officer, you must restart the application and exam process from the beginning. Many prospective candidates are disappointed upon leaving the testing site because they could not complete the required number of sit-ups or push-ups during the allotted time. For others, the 1.5 mile run proves too much for them. You can start preparing and getting ready by practicing the components of the physical agility test. To view a video of the physical agility test, click here. To read the RPD’s physical fitness standards, click here


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If you still have questions after checking the above links, contact a Police Recruiter.   

Volunteer Opportunities

The RPD is also seeking volunteers in many areas. These include:

Community Recruiters

As an element of the Blueprint for Engagement, The City of Rochester is looking for young men and women to serve as Rochester Police Officers. In an effort to enhance our recruitment strategies, the Rochester Police Department is looking for interested community members willing to serve as Community Recruiters. We are seeking individuals from all aspects of the Rochester community, to include residents, clergy, business, education, and government that are willing to identify qualified candidates interested in a career in law enforcement and begin the initial recruitment process. This will serve as a force multiplier for recruitment efforts and help attract more qualified candidates to pursue a career with the RPD, with a special focus on city residents.  Click here for more information.  


The Rochester Police Department is an equal opportunity employer. 

View the Equal Employment Opportunity Plan for RPD Compliance