Rochester Bike Share


The City of Rochester recognizes that bicycling is an efficient, healthy, viable means of transportation, and is committed to helping to facilitate cycling as a transportation choice through our bike-share program. Zagster, will be officially launching the bike-share network on Saturday July 22, 2017. The initial implementation will primarily be concentrated in downtown and surrounding neighborhoods and will have over 40 docking stations with 300 bicycles available for residents and visitors. Future additional stations will expand the reach of the bike-share network throughout the city and beyond.

  • Click here for more information, or to sign up for bike-share in Rochester.

The bike-share program will provide a healthy and sustainable transportation option and it will drive economic growth by making the city a more attractive place to live, work and visit. Provision of a public bikeshare system is a key component in our city’s efforts to encourage and facilitate cycling, and will provide residents and visitors with a new, high quality mobility option. The bike-share Mayor-on-Zagster-bikeprogram will reduce car usage, increase rates of transit use, lower parking demand, increase sales for local small businesses, and improve public health, among other positive community outcomes.

Zagster will manage all aspects of Rochester’s bike sharing program, including hardware, software, maintenance, rider support and local promotion. Zagster bikes feature an app-based interface and the first Bluetooth ring locking technology used in North American bike-sharing to provide a simple, streamlined rider experience.

For more information on becoming a sponsor of bike-share in Rochester please contact Zagster.


If you have questions contact City Transportation Specialist, Mr. Erik Frisch, at (585) 428-6709 or email him