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City of Rochester

Water Construction Updates (Street Beat)


  Water Construction Work Location                       Description of Work                         000_0029 
  Pullman Avenue ( Primrose St to Minder St) Install new 8" water main  
  Spencer st (Lake ave to Cliff St) Install new 8" water main  
  Lochner Place Blow out valve  
  329 Central Park Repair curb box  
  56 Felix Street Repair curb box  
  390 Knickerbocker Repair curb box  
  39 Paige Street Repair curb box  
  1087 Exchange Street Repair curb box  
  Farmington Road Hydrant defective  
  164-166 Breck Street Abandon service  
  69 Evergreen Street Renew service  
  150 Ellicott Street Repair curb box  
  Norht Washington Street Repair main  
  280 Portland Avenue repair curb box  

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Water Supply

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