Site Plan Review Agenda

Division of Zoning
City Hall - Room 125B
30 Church Street
Rochester, NY 14614
Tel: (585)428-7761

What is Site Plan Review?

Site Plan Review is a formal detailed review of a project or proposal required under Section 120-191D of the City Code to assess the plans for a given site.

Site Plan Review assesses a projects elements of design and function, identifies necessary referrals to other public agencies, and often includes project recommendations.  

Meeting Agendas

Following is a list of meeting agendas. If you would like more information, or are interested in reviewing a site plan application, please contact Jason Haremza at (585) 428-7761 to make arrangements to view the file at City Hall.  Please note: agendas are only posted for the weeks when new applications are made.

NOTE:  Current Projects of Interest are those that meet the criteria for Major Site Plan Review unless otherwise noted.


Inn on Broadway Expansion (26 Broadway et al.)
Planned Development (PD) #20 Pediatric and Family Service District (1850-1900 South Avenue)  
Planned Development (PD) #17 Highland Hospital (1000 South Avenue) 
426-430 South Avenue
Rundel Library North Terrace (115 South Avenue)
Alexander Park North (230-250 Alexander Street)
19 Sunshine Street
625 S. Goodman Street
Strong Museum Neighborhood of Play (1 & 15 Manhattan Sq. Drive; 47 & 55 Savannah Street; Inner Loop Development Sites 4 & 5)

Past Agendas