Neighborhood Service Center Locations



Normal operating hours for the Neighborhood Quadrant Service Centers (NSC) are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Calls to NSC Offices during off hours are taken by staff at the City’s 311 One Call to City Hall Service Center. Staff follow-up on these calls the following business day.  

Northwest Quadrant Neighborhood Service Center 
71 Parkway - First Floor
Rochester, NY  14608
Ronald Penders, Administrator

Northeast Quadrant Neighborhood Service Center 
500 Norton St
Rochester, NY  14621
Pamela Reese Smith, Administrator

Southwest Quadrant Neighborhood Service Center
(585) 428-7630
923 Genesee St
Rochester, NY  14611
David Hawkes, Administrator

Southeast Quadrant Neighborhood Service Center 
(585) 428-7640
320 N Goodman Street - Suite 209
Rochester, NY  14607
Nancy Johns-Price, Administrator 

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