Equipment Services Mission


The Division of Equipment Services will be the best public fleet organization in the United States.  Through the efficient and effective use of resources we’ll keep the City’s vehicles and equipment “rolling” so that our customers may delight their customers.   

Our motto is "One City fleet...keeping Rochester on the move."


The mission of the Division of Equipment Services is to support all City operations by coordinating the purchase, maintenance, and repair of the City’s fleet.  Our mission is accomplished through our skilled employees who utilize effective communication, planning strategies, and modern technologies to provide quality services for our customers.   

Values and Guiding Principles

 The organization is guided by the following central values that are vital to us in achieving our mission and reaching our vision:   

  • Personal Integrity. We conduct our professional duties with the utmost standards of ethics, transparency, professionalism, and respect for our customers. Every action/decision is justifiable to our citizens.  We always conduct ourselves “as if the world were watching.” 
  • Accountability. We set aggressive goals for customer satisfaction and continuously measure and report publicly on our progress in promptly meeting or exceeding expectations.  
  • Customer FocusWe deliver the highest quality, cost-effective, and most responsive services possible to our customers. We judge our success on one basis: the extent to which we are the location of choice in our region to live, visit, and conduct business.
  • Collaboration. We embrace our diverse internal teams and promote external partnerships with governmental, educational, business, nonprofit, neighborhood, and faith-based community partners to the benefit of our customers. "
  • Can Do” Attitude. We approach every work day with a sense of urgency and a desire to find innovative solutions to our City’s challenges.