Brownfield Cleanup Project - Andrews Street Site

About the Project

The Andrews Street site consists of four city-owned parcels (300, 304-308, 320 Andrews Street, 25 Evans Street), in a commercial area in Downtown Rochester. Former industrial and commercial uses of the properties include plumbing supply, electrical supply, bakery, printer, commercial bus depot and bus garage, gas station, chemical sales/distribution, dry cleaning equipment distributor, fuel oil contractor, and warehousing. All parcels have been in City ownership since the 1990's. Due to environmental concerns, the Andrews Street Site is considered a Brownfield site.                 


Demolition of the former Greyhound Bus Station located at 320 Andrew Street, and of all remaining buildings at the Andrews Street site, began in the fall of 2010 and was completed in the spring of 2011. The site is currently vacant and secured with a perimeter fence.

Remedial Investigation (RI) work was completed by Day Environmental INC. (DAY) in 2011 and 2012. RI activities included a utility survey, geophysical site assessment, subsurface soil investigation including test pits/trenches, test borings, and soil sampling, groundwater quality evaluation including monitoring well installation and groundwater sampling. DAY, along with the City, will also be completing Interim Remedial Measures (IRMs) in 2012. Pre-demo, during demo, and post-demo photographs are displayed below. 


Andrews Street- Pre-Demo
Andrews Street- During Demo
Andrews Street- Post-Demo 


Understanding the potential that the site holds for redevelopment, the City has been aggressively pursuing funding to offset the costs it will incur preparing the site for sale and redevelopment. The New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) granted the City $472,000 through its Environmental Restoration Program. In addition to funding, the program provides indemnification from the State to the City or any subsequent owners of the remediated sites if the cleanup is performed in accordance with state guidelines. The NYSDEC is responsible for reviewing and approving technical work plans and reports associated with the environmental investigation and cleanup of the Andrews Street Site. 

 NYSDEC funding will be used to complete a detailed investigation of the site, perform limited cleanup in a "hotspot" area, and remove two underground storage tanks. Further cleanup that the City identifies after the detailed investigation will be funded through the capital improvement program. In October 2010, the City submitted a $200,000 request to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) for a Brownfield Cleanup Grant and was awarded the cleanup grant funds in Spring 2011. The USEPA Cleanup Grant funds will be used to augment the "hotspot" area cleanup.

Looking Ahead - Initial Environmental Cleanup

Interim Remedial Measures (IRM) activities took place from August 2012- December 2012 including excavation and removal of PCE contaminated underground piping and soil, trench drain and sub-slab concrete removal, and the removal of two underground petroleum storage tanks. Confirmatory soil and groundwater sampling was performed. For further information and details, refer to the Remedial Investigation/ Remedial Alternatives Analysis Work Plan listed below under "Documents."  

Based on the results of the remedial investigation and IRMs, portions of the site will require supplemental cleanup and the City will begin planning for the supplemental cleanups later in 2013. 

The Site is located in the Rochester Center City District (CCD). According to the City’s Neighborhood and Business Development Department, future redevelopment of the Site is anticipated to consist of multi-family residential (townhouse), or mixed use (e.g., commercial first floor with residential above). Cleanup goals and objectives are described in the Analysis of Brownfields Cleanup Alternatives (ABCA) and can be found below under “Documents”. The objective of the ABCA is to identify, evaluate and select a remedy to address the contamination at the Site. 

The Division of Environmental Quality, situated in the Department of Environmental Services, is overseeing the environmental remediation. The Bureau of Business and Housing Development, located in the Department of Neighborhood and Business Development, will manage the future redevelopment of the site. 



If you have questions about the demolition or subsequent environmental remediation, contact the Mr. Joseph Biondolillo, City Project Manager, at (585) 428-6649 or email him.

If you have questions about redevelopment possibilities at the site, contact Mr. Mark Fitzstevens, Manager of Downtown Development, at (585) 428-6153 or email him.