Garden Permit 2015

Would you like to turn an empty lot into a productive flower or vegetable garden? Are you interested in changing an unused parcel of land from ‘abandoned’ to ‘cared for’? If the answer is yes, we encourage you to step up your involvement and apply for a Garden Permit. 

There is a growing national movement that involves residents at the local level to create attractive green spaces. It’s a healthy activity that also improves the health of our communities.  In many instances, caring for vacant lots has proven to be the starting point for homeowners to increase the value and security of their collective neighborhoods, to improve the safety of their residents, and to encourage growth and opportunities in their area.    

There are many vacant lots in Rochester, maybe next door to your home or just down the street, and a large percentage of them are available to you through the City’s Garden Permit Program. 


Garden Permits are issued annually for approved City-owned vacant lots. Permit holders must be 18 years of age or older. The applicant may be an individual, a group of volunteers, a neighborhood based agency or community group. Click here for the PDF application for the 2015 Garden Permit.  The form is fillable in PDF format, however, it must be printed for signature and submission purposes.

The completed application form must be submitted to: 

Division of Real Estate
Attn:  Diane Powell
City Hall – Rm 125B
30 Church Street, Rochester, NY   14614.


There is no charge.

Terms and Provisions