RFP - Flower City RPR Services

The City of Rochester Architecture and Engineering Bureau is requesting proposals from engineering firms with interest in providing resident project representation (RPR) services for the City’s Flower City Park and Parkdale Terrace curb Replacement Project.

Services would involve providing qualified RPR staff for a water main and street construction project. Services will include providing a full time NICET IV or III level or equivalent resident engineer and NICET I or II level or equivalent inspector for the duration of the projects as needed. The personnel would work under the supervision of a City project manager and perform technical duties associated with the project. These duties would include observation of: roadway excavation and reconstruction; water main installation and improvements; milling; asphalt paving; curb and walk placement; backfill, and minor utility operations. Work would also include: field layout of new curb profiles to match existing site conditions; preparation of daily construction and quantity reports; preparation of monthly payment estimates; and coordination between the contractor and the City project manager.

Project Description

This Project consists of the improvements to The Flower City Park and Parkdale Terrace Project, which consists of: Flower City Park (Lake Ave – Maplewood Dr.); Parkdale Terrace (Lake Ave. – Maplewood Dr.)

The scope of the work consists of curb replacement on Flower City Park and Parkdale Terrace. Scope to include; Anode Installation; installation of new stone curbs including underdrain; spot sidewalk replacement and replacement of all driveway aprons; catch basin upgrades as well as restoration of all lawn areas disturbed by the work. On Flower City Park up to 34 water services will be replaced.

Construction Duration is 90 Calendar Days with construction occurring approximately between June 2017 thru August 2017.

Engineer’s Estimate - $530,000

Project Design

City of Rochester, New York
Department of Environmental Services
Bureau of Architecture and Engineering, Street Design
James R. McIntosh, P.E., City Engineer

Contract Documents

A. NYSDOT Standard Specifications: Construction and Materials January 2, 1990, and Addendums

B. NYSDOT Standard Specifications (US Customary Units) May 1, 2008, and Addendums –
specifications as referenced

C. City of Rochester Standard Construction Contract Documents, November 1, 1991, Edition

D. Contract Drawings

Proposal Requirements

Your proposal should furnish the following information:

  1. Staff names and resumes.
  2. Company and personnel background and experience with similar work.
  3. Staff salaries, detailing title, hourly rate, and whether benefits are paid for each.
  4. A statement that the prime consultant commits to pay all covered employees a living wage, pursuant to Section 8A-18 of the Rochester Municipal Code, “Rochester Living Wage Ordinance.”
  5. Staffing levels during the project. This should be presented as a staff-hour and fee estimate per phase of the project.
  6. Proposed multiplier.
  7. Estimated direct expenses by specific item.
  8. Please limit proposal size to 8 pages excluding resumes.


Proposal Submission

Project plans are available for review at the City DES Construction Division office per the contact information indicated below.

Proposals are due 5:00 P.M., Wednesday , March 29, 2017

Submission should include a digital copy (PDF) of the proposal.

The Proposal and any questions should be directed to:

Sam Priem
Managing Engineer, Construction
Department of Environmental Services
Architecture and Engineering Bureau
City Hall Room 300B
30 Church Street
Rochester, NY 14614-1290
Phone: 585.428.7168

Digital copy (PDF) of the Proposal should be emailed to Sam Priem (Do not send hardcopy, disks or drives.)