News Release - Mayor Warren Provides City Storm Cleanup Update

City of Rochester

News Release

(Wednesday, March 15, 2017) – The City of Rochester is working tirelessly to respond to the blizzard, which presented a significant rate of snowfall and the cleanup has been challenging.  

“Currently there are 165 plow operators out on the streets. By tonight we will have done five residential plow runs and three sidewalk plow runs and main roads, or arterials, are being treated continuously,” Mayor Lovely A. Warren said. “We are almost through the storm and Rochester has once again proved its resiliency in the face of great challenges. Our crews will work through the night, continuing to clear streets and sidewalks. I would like to sincerely thank them for their hard work, along with our first responders, 911 and 311 operators and others who have been weathering the storm to keep our families safe.”  

Since the storm began, the City of Rochester has seen 28 inches of snow, at times falling at a rate of two inches per hour.

The City will pick up refuse tomorrow morning, which has been delayed by one day. Please place toters either at the end of the driveway or on a cleared area on the curb, not in the sidewalk. 

Citizens are asked to continue to abide by the Monroe County Travel Advisory and avoid unnecessary travel. New York State remains under a State of Emergency. 

Street parkers are asked to continue to pay special attention to alternate side parking regulations. This allows plows to fully clear the streets. Illegally parked cars may be moved or towed this evening. Those living on a street with alternate-side parking restrictions who are unable to move their cars should call 311. 

Please also help the Fire Department by shoveling out hydrants; and avoid shoveling or plowing snow onto streets and sidewalks – this is a great impediment to plow crews, motorists and pedestrians.  

The City is working in partnership with the Center for Disability Rights to encourage residents to keep sidewalks clear in front of their homes or businesses. While the City does provide sidewalk plowing in heavy snow, we still ask for help from our citizens so pedestrians – particularly those with disabilities – can have safe passage.  

All residents who lost power from last week’s storm have had it restored, however there are new power outages because of the heavy snowfall. City officials are in constant contact with RG&E to get power restored as soon as possible.  

R-Centers and libraries remain closed, except for the Gantt R-Center at 700 North Street, which remains open as a 24-hour shelter with food, power, showers, and cots. 


News Media: For more information contact Press Officer Jessica Alaimo at 428-7135.