25 Canal Street - EPA Brownfield Grant Application

About the Project

The City of Rochester is applying for grant funding to complete an Environmental Assessment and Brownfield Cleanup project at the City owned property located at 25 Canal Street (Site). This competitive grant opportunity is part of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (USEPA) Brownfield Multi-Purpose Pilot Grant Program which could provide up to $400,000 in funding for investigation and cleanup of brownfield sites. The Site consists of one (1) parcel of land and totals 0.83 acres. The Site is currently vacant but recent private investments in the area make the Site a prime candidate for redevelopment.

The property had been used for various commercial and manufacturing purposes since the late 1880’s which included a carriage company, and leather, textiles and electronics manufacturing. The City obtained the property through tax foreclosure in 1980, and all Site structures were demolished by 1994 due to unsafe conditions. Past investigations of the property include:

Study results indicated that petroleum Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) were present in the soil and groundwater underlying the Site, the nature and extent of which have not been determined. As part of the grant application, the City will propose a scope of work designed to fully characterize Site conditions, and devise a cleanup strategy that would enable the Site to be redeveloped in the future.


If you have additional questions about the project or the grant application, contact the City’s project manager:

Jane MH Forbes, Environmental Specialist, Division of Environmental Quality
(585) 428-7892, or email her.