Climate Vulnerability Assessment

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The City of Rochester is developing a Climate Vulnerability Assessment to understand how and to what degree our city is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.  Please share your feedback. 

What’s involved in the Climate Vulnerability Assessment?    

  • Investigate baseline and projected climate conditions.
  • Identify critical systems and assets including transportation, utilities, water, buildings, environmental resources, natural habitat, recreational spaces, public health, economy, cultural resources, social/human services. 
  • Determine level of exposure, sensitivity, and adaptive capacity of systems and assets due to potential climate change impacts.
  • Understand how climate change will affect our community, infrastructure and natural resources. 
  • Prioritize actions needed to adapt to the impacts of climate change.                                                                                                                                                                  CVA public input 082918 poster feedback

Community Outreach

  • The City convened a technical advisory committee (TAC) comprised of individuals with technical expertise to help inform the assessment. View the slides from TAC workshops held on Mar. 14, 2018 and June 6, 2018.                 
  • A Public Input Session was held on Aug. 29, 2018 at Council Chambers. View the CVA presentation, CVA posters and University of Rochester’s Climate Change & Health Equity poster from the public input session.    
  • Please share your feedback.  

 What’s next?

  • The final Climate Vulnerability Assessment Highlights Report (pdf) and Full Final Report (pdf) has been published. This project has been supported in part by the New York State Climate Smart Communities Grants Program, Title 15 of the Environmental Protection Fund. 
  • The CVA will set the stage for the upcoming Climate Adaptation Plan which will recommend implementation actions to help our city and community prepare for climate change impacts.
  • Stay tuned for updates and more opportunities to share your feedback as we work together to build a more sustainable and resilient city. 


 Please contact Shalini Beath at the Office of Energy and Sustainability at (585) 428-6939 or email her.