Commercial Refuse- Recycling

Why Recycle?

Recycling is the law in Monroe County and the City of Rochester makes it easy to do: Recycling containers are serviced for FREE!  

Recycling can cut your costs

One of the best ways to cut the cost of your refuse bill is to recycle! When you actively recycle, you can potentially cut the amount of trash in your refuse stream by 60%. By recycling cardboard, office paper, magazines, newspapers, etc., you are reducing the amount of trash you must pay to be removed from your site, which can often allow you to choose a smaller refuse container and pay less accordingly.

What can be recycled?

Our divided box recycling truck is able to handle:Loading recyclables into blue box 

  • Paper products (if it started as a tree, it's recyclable!), including:
    • advertising/junk mail/brochures/catalogs
    • books
    • cardboard
    • boxboard (non-corrugated)
    • file folders
    • post-its, legal pads
    • tissue boxes
  • Metal- cans, aerosol cans
  • Glass- glass beverage containers 
  • Plastic labeled 1-7, excluding #6 styrofoam

More details can be found on the Recyclable Materials page 

Specialized Recycling

  • Appliances (such as refrigerators, hot water tanks, washing machines, etc) placed at the curb will be recycled. Please do not place any appliances in your refuse receptacle.
    Note: There is a fee of $5 per appliance removed  
  • Rimless Tires can be placed next to your receptacle and the service crew will order removal for them.
    Note: There is a $2.00 per tire removal fee for small car tires, and $3.90 per tire removal fee for truck tires. Fees differ for non-city customers.  
  • Pallets and Wood are recyclable if they are free of contaminants like glass, metal, paint, coating, or toxins.
    Note: A hauling or recycling fee may be charged

What Can't be Recycled?

  •  Electronics 
  •  Household hazardous wastes (auto fluids, cooking oil/grease, driveway sealer, gasoline, kerosine, thinners, drain cleaners, paint, fertilizers, pool and patio chemicals, rechargeable batteries (ni-cad), wood and stain preservatives, etc) must be brought to the Monroe County Hazardous Waste Center.  
  •  Fluorescent bulbs and tubes (also refer to the Monroe County's Household Hazardous Waste Center for how to dispose of these.) 


Refuse collection dates will be altered in weeks with major holidays (New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day). Typically during these weeks, collection on and after the holiday is delayed one day. Information regarding service during holiday weeks may be obtained by calling 311 (outside of the city, call 428-5990).

What containers can be utilized for recycling?

Regular recycle boxes, wheeled containers or totes, and even dumpsters (for businesses with a large volume of cardboard waste) are available, depending on your needs