News Release - City Welcomes Shop Peppermint to Park-Meigs Area

 City of Rochester

News Release

(Tuesday, May 1, 2012) – Neighborhood and Business Development Commissioner R. Carlos Carballada and City Council Member Elaine Spaull joined owner and designer Tanvi Asher to celebrate the grand opening of Shop Peppermint at 121 Park Ave today.

Shop Peppermint is a women’s clothing store where design meets craft. It features handmade apparel and accessories designed by local designer Tanvi Asher, an RIT graduate with a MFA in Industrial Design.

Asher launched her first line of wearable, handmade clothing named Excessary in her basement in 2010. Inspired by Excessary's success, Asher started a second brand called Peppermint Clothing. The business has now grown to the point where Asher needed a retail space. Shop Peppermint opened April 14 and sells both Peppermint and Excessary brand items. The shop also offers works by other local designers and artists on a rotating basis.

Each of Asher’s scarves is unique. Each garment is hand-crafted and sewn in small numbers to maintain exclusivity, quality and uniqueness. All of the fabrics are also designed by Asher and sourced from the United States.

Prior to opening Shop Peppermint, Asher sold her work at art shows both locally and along the East Coast. The brands are sold at more than a dozen boutiques across the country and may be purchased locally at Soulstice Artisan Market, Pistachio Press, Craft Company No. 6 and RIT's Shop One. Online shopping is also available.

In 2006, Asher started at RIT as an industrial design MFA student. She wanted to work with fiber. This desire led to her thesis project, which was an ensemble of pattern making, designing, sewing, researching and more.

Asher chose the Park Avenue location as it is the most accessible place for Peppermint's customers. Additionally, she believes that the Park Avenue neighborhood is a perfect "heart of the city" location.

The store is open Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.


News Media: For more information, contact Tanvi Asher at 466-4396.