Mayor Thomas S. Richards Welcomes Expansion of MediSked, LLC

City of Rochester

News Release

(Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2012) — City Commissioner R. Carlos Carballada, Department of Neighborhood and Business Development and City Councilmember Elaine Spaull joined Douglas Golub, President of MediSked, LLC, for a ribbon cutting today to celebrate the expansion of Medisked’s national headquarters at 850 University Ave.

“The specialized services that MediSked provides will help agencies across the country that perform the home and community based services so vital for the growth and independence of the individuals they serve,” said Mayor Richards. “MediSked’s expansion is another example of the city’s path of progress and growth.”

The move involved the complete renovation of the new facility, including a new roof and asbestos removal. The layout was entirely reconfigured to create loft office space and the construction of glass “collaboration areas.”
MediSked specializes in serving clients who work within human services agencies that care for the disabled, the elderly and children. MediSked’s services include transitioning clients from a paper-based management system to an electronic-based platform called Connect, providing collaboration and training throughout each step.

Previously located next door at 860 University Ave., the new, larger 3,500 square feet facility will provide opportunities for growth in a state-of-the-art space. The firm will add 10 new employees to its current 15 positions, with the anticipation of adding a total of 20 new employees within three years. MediSked has been operating in Rochester since 2003, and now serves clients in 19 states.

Their “Software as a Service” (SaaS) approach called Connect is the leading online agency management platform and the first of its kind in the nation. Medisked clients purchase access rights to individually-tailored versions of the Connect software by logging on to one of firm’s data centers with protected passwords — individual applications are not stored on each of the client’s computers. Clients customize the system to meet all aspects of patient/client care, such as medication management, billing, payroll, evaluations, record-keeping and scheduling.

Golub states, “The exceptional members of the MediSked team are the key to success as we grow our customer base across the country. We’re looking forward to welcoming many more bright and passionate individuals to the team and to Rochester!”
News Media: For more information, contact Douglas Golub, 866-633-4753