Recyclable Materials

Acceptable recyclable materials flyer 

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Need Help?

Call 311 (outside the city call 585-428-5990) for more information.

All recyclables go in the new container!

Place the following CLEAN and EMPTY items in the recycling containers:


  • bulk mailings
  • books
  • phone books
  • newspapers
  • inserts
  • magazines
  • catalogues
  • office paper
  • file folders
  • paper bags
  • shredded paper (place in paper bag before placing in recycling container)


  • food/drink/soup/shipping boxes
  • gable-tops cartons
  • paper towel rolls, etc.

Cardboard/Cartons (flatten all boxes) 

Plastic bottles and containers #1-7  

Glass jars and bottles (lids attached) 


  • metal pots and pans
  • foil
  • pie tins
  • license plates
  • aluminum
  • tin
  • steel
  • aerosol cans


  • garbage 
  • yard waste
  • electronics (an item is considered electronics if it has computer chips inside)
  • ceramics, dishes or glassware
  • food waste
  • plastic bags
  • hazardous waste containers 
  • light bulbs, window glass or mirrors
  • electrical cords, hoses or ropes
  • syringes/sharps
  • Styrofoam 

Visit Monroe County's ecopark website to find out if items NOT acceptable for curb-side pick-up may be eligible for drop off at the ecopark facility