Recyclable Materials

Do Recycle These

Please the following CLEAN and EMPTY items in the recycle box:


  • Bulk mailings
  • books
  • phone books
  • newspapers
  • inserts
  • magazines
  • catalogues
  • office paper
  • file folders
  • paper bags


  • food/drink/soup/shipping boxes
  • gable-tops cartons
  • paper towel rolls, etc.

Cardboard/Cartons (flatten all boxes)

Plastic bottles and containers #1-7 

Glass jars and bottles (lids attached)


  • metal pots and pans
  • foil
  • pie tins
  • license plates
  • aluminum
  • tin
  • steel
  • aerosol cans

Don't Recycle These

  •  Garbage 
  • Styrofoam
  • electronics
  • ceramics
  • dishes or glassware
  • food waste
  • plastic bags
  • hazardous waste containers
  • light bulbs, window glass or mirrors
  • electrical cords, hoses or ropes
  • syringes/sharps
  • yard waste

What's the Best Way to Fill my Recycle Box?

The best way is to place your papers, flattened cardboard, and magazines on the bottom of the box and place the containers on top of the paper.

If you have flattened cardboard that is too big to be placed in the box, it is fine to place it under the box so it doesn’t blow away. Flattened cardboard should be cut in lengths no longer that 4’ and if there is more than ½ cubic yard, should be bundled and tied.

If you have containers that can be flattened (milk jugs, juice containers), doing so will save room in the trucks!

Please remember, households are required to recycle.

Need Help?

Call 311 (outside the city call 585-428-5990) for more information.