Solid Waste Division

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The Solid Waste Division is proud to provide Rochester residents and businesses with the best refuse and recycling collection service possible.



Residential Refuse Collection is responsible for weekly curb-side pick-up of refuse from housing of 3 or less units. State-of-the-art single operator compactor trucks are utilized to empty toters provided to residents.


A separate fleet and operators perform weekly collection of recyclable materials placed curbside in designated recycle boxes.

Recycling is the law in Monroe County and we make it easy - here's how 


Commercial Refuse Collection provides scheduled pick-up to commercial, retail, food service, industrial parks, City School District, various Monroe County facilities and residential units of 4 or more.

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Public Spaces (Streets, Sidewalks, Parks)

Litter baskets are provided at locations where litter has been a problem. Get the details or submit a request here