Positive Tickets

SANY1546“For every negative act someone is inspired to do a positive act.” 
    -youth participating in Positive Tickets

Positive Tickets is a program to recognize those who do good deeds for their neighbors, neighborhoods, and for our city as a whole.

With all due respect to the quote above, we at the City know that there are many more positive than negative acts that occur in the City of Rochester.

Accentuating the Positive

In 2008, the Youth Voice, One Vision initiative of the City's Bureau of Recreation launched Positive Tickets. With city youth taking the lead,  youth-adult teams organized to patrol select neighborhoods to catch residents doing something good. Some of these good deeds were small but important actions that would normally go unnoticed (for example, helping children cross a busy street, organizing a block party)! These individuals received Positive Tickets to thank them for their contribution to the community.  These tickets include various discounts or free admissions, activities, or services for youth and families.  Recipients are also honored during Youth Voice, One Vision’s Annual Salute to Youth awards ceremony.  Since the campaign’s inception, Positive Tickets have been issued to over 250 youth and adults across Rochester. 

Spreading the Positive

 In Spring 2009, Youth Voice, One Vision began to reach out to other community agencies to start Positive Tickets in their own neighborhoods and communities.   Youth Voice, One Vision also partnered with the Rochester-Monroe County Youth Bureau and the Community Asset Partner Network to start Positive Tickets in suburban neighborhoods and communities.     

Learn more about Positive Tickets

Download the Positive Tickets Brochure!  

For more information, contact Brandi Remington at (585) 428-7371 or remingb@cityofrochester.gov.