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City of Rochester

Port of Rochester - Welcome

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Welcome to the Port of Rochester!

The Port of Rochester is located on Lake Ontario where the Genesee River meets the lake, about 9 miles north of downtown Rochester. Whether you are a beachgoer, angler, boater, hiker or just looking for a great place to relax, visit the Port of Rochester.

The City has begun construction of a new public marina facility at the Port. Street improvement and water main projects are also scheduled for 2014 in the area.

Don’t let the construction stop you from enjoying all the attractions and activities the Port has to offer - The Port is open for business!  

Enjoying the Port

The Port offers attractions and activities for the entire family:

  • swim, lay on the beach, and play in the sand
  • walk Charlotte Pier during a gorgeous sunset
  • hike or bike
  • attend festivals, concerts, and outdoor movie screenings
  • go boating or fishing

See all the ways you can Enjoy the Port of Rochester 

Getting there & parking

Drive, bike or ride the bus – get to the Port quickly and easily with directions, tips and construction updates.

The future of the Port

The City is busy working with residents and developers on plans to make the Port a true Great Lakes destination. The development project enhances the recreational nature of the Port and creates exciting opportunities new residential, commercial and retail space. Visit the Port development and plans page to see what's in store for the area.  

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