ROCSnow - Latest Information on Winter Storms

Ready for Winter

This is your source of information on what to do during a winter storm.

Calling 311 During a Snow Event

311 can provide:

  • A live representative to provide assistance;
  • Information on City snow and ice control procedures;
  • Information on property owner's responsibilities for sidewalk shoveling;
  • Information on the status of plow runs, including:
  • If a plow run in currently in progress:
    • Where the plows have been:
    • The ability to put in a request for unresolved conditions if the plow has already serviced a street;
    • The ability to put in a request for snow removal at any time for hazardous or unsafe conditions;
    • The ability to report any compliments or complaints about City service.
    • Contact information for County and State DOT for streets not maintained by the City Information on a vehicle location in the event it is towed
  • Information on how to register cell phones for 911 notification

311 cannot provide:

  • Tell callers when their street will be plowed;
  • Submit requests for services not offered by the City, such as shoveling driveways after a plow run

Adopt a Hydrant

Adopt-a-Hydrant is the newest addition to the City’s snow removal plan.

The program uses an interactive online map that gives visitors an opportunity to “adopt” a fire hydrant near their home or business and take responsibility to keep it clear of snow and ice. The interactive map displays all of the City’s almost 7,000 fire hydrants and provides users a tool to select one for adoption. 

Adopt a hydrant by agreeing to do the items below. You even get to name your hydrant!

  • Clear a path from the hydrant to the street;
  • Clear a 3-foot perimeter around the hydrant;
  • Remove ice and snow. 

Learn more and visit the Adopt-a-Hydrant map at

Heat Sweep

A Heat Sweep is enacted when temperatures drop to below normal and it is anticipated that citizens may need shelter from the cold due to a variety of conditions such as power outages, closed or blocked roads and broken furnaces. The Heat Sweep Program, in partnership with the American Red Cross of Greater Rochester, provides temporary emergency shelter at select City R-Centers.

During a Heat Sweep, the Red Cross is in contact with established shelters and community organizations to help meet the needs of the homeless.

The Red Cross suggest that families make a communications plan in the event that power or cell signals go out, keep a first aid kit and an emergency kit for at least three days of self-sufficiency without power. Winterize homes and vehicles, and bring pets inside. More guidance can be found at

Parking Emergency Streets

The City has designated parking emergency streets. On these streets, on-street parking will be prohibited when a parking emergency has been declared. 

Signs are posted along the streets that state: No Parking This Block When Winter Parking Emergency Declared.

During Parking Emergencies, free parking will be allowed in the Mortimer Street Parking Garage downtown and Regional Transit Service (RTS) will provide free shuttle service between the garage and designated Parking Emergency streets.

Several places of worship near the Parking Emergency have agreed to open their parking lots to affected motorists during non-worship hours. Residents along these streets who rely upon on-street parking will be encouraged to make plans in advance for parking during Parking Emergencies.

The City-County 911 Call Center will notify residents of these streets when a Parking Emergency has been declared. Residents who do not have a home telephone should be sure to register their mobile phone with 911. Register your phone here or call 311 (428-5990 outside city limits).

For a complete list and interactive map of Parking Emergency Streets visit

  Plow Trax

PlowTrax is an online map showing where plows have been during a snow event.

The interface provides managers with better information to make real-time adjustments during a plow run. It also provides customer-service agents in the 311 Call Center with better information for citizens who call to find out when their street will be plowed. Plow Trax will also be available to the public on the City website, so citizens can keep up with the progress of plow runs, as well.

Learn more and use the map at

Clear the Snow So All Can Go

In partnership with the Center for Disability Rights, the City is stressing the importance of sidewalk snow shoveling. Per City Code, it is the responsibility of property owners to remove snow from the sidewalk in front of their property. The City plows sidewalks when 4 inches of new snow has accumulated. For people with physical disabilities, even 1 inch of snow on the sidewalk can drastically impede movement. Please clear the snow so all can go!