How to Help Outdoor Cats in the Winter

Rochester Animal Services to hold event to help outdoor cats stay warm and safe this winterCat shelter

We’re excited to share that Rochester Animal Services, will be hosting events to benefit community cats in our area at R-Centers. Community cats are cats that have no indication of ownership and primarily live outdoors. These cats are often cared for by multiple families and should stay in their outdoor homes where they are loved and healthy.

Volunteers will be joining us to build outdoor shelters, so our community's cats who live outside will stay safe and warm on cold days. These homes will be distributed to community cat caregivers by local organizations that work with community cats.

Our goal is to distribute 20-30 cat shelters per event across Rochester.

We plan to open future cat shelter-building events to the public for those wanting to learn how to build shelters. If you are interested in attending a future event, please reach out to us here.

Our most recent event was held at the Trenton and Pamela Jackson R-Center. Through the hard work of R-Center youth and staff, and volunteers,  17 cats shelters were built that will soon be distributed across the community.

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Infographic - Guide to helping cats in winter

We used to think the best thing we could do for a healthy stray cat was to bring him to the shelter. However, we have come to realize that the best thing is to keep him in his neighborhood. If he is lost, he is more likely to get back home with a little help from the community; and if he calls outdoors home, he will do better if a neighbor provides him with good food, clean water, and a snug winter shelter, than stressed out in a cage at our facility. Rochester Animal Services is here to help you help that cat. And we are always available to lend a paw to sick or injured cats. Give us a call at 428-7274. Together we can provide the right resources for any cat in need. Learn more at our Found A Pet and Community Cats pages or visit the Million Cat Challenge - The Cat Superhighway webinar and pathway planning.

Infographic - Provide food and water

Infographic - Make an outdoor shelter

How to Build A Winter Shelter for Cats video

Infographic - check your car for cats

Infographic - Ask your neighbors



Infographic - sick or injured cats


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