Non-Emergency Calls to 911

Female on a PhoneThe Rochester/Monroe County 911 center is different from other agencies because not only do we answer emergency calls, but we also answer certain non-emergency police, fire and EMS related calls.

Some non-emergency calls we take are listed below:

  • Citizen needs to contact a police officer regarding an ongoing investigation
  • Parking problems
  • Barking or annoying dogs
  • Police reports (i.e.: violation of order of protection, telephone harassment among others):
    • In the city of Rochester, a call is considered a report if the event occurred 5 minutes or more prior to the 911 call and if any suspects have left the scene.
  • In all other towns of Monroe County a call is a report if the event occurred 15 minutes or more before the call.  

Other Non-Emergency Assistance:  

Teleservice -  Teleservice takes over the phone non-emergency reports for the Rochester Police Department. A report is defines as an incident that is no longer happening or occurred more than five minutes ago. If you call 911 for a report that gets handled by teleserve, 911 will simply transfer you to teleserve to make the report.

311 - Provides citizens immediate access to City government and all of its services. Whether its refuse collection, leaf pickup, sidewalk snow plowing or world class drinking water, Rochester is a leader in providing quality customer service. 311 - One Call to City Hall enhances these amenities by making City government even more accessible. Click here to learn more about 311.
The following are examples of reasons NOT to call 911:
  • telephone service interruptions/outages
  • telephone numbers
  • street directions
  • utility outages
  • traffic, weather, road conditions
  • school closings
  • community events
  • parade schedules
  • legal advice
  • medical advice
  • court/jail information
  • incident information
If you live in the City of Rochester, you may call 3-1-1 for the non emergencies listed above.  If you are not sure which number to call, always call 9-1-1 and we will refer you to the appropriate service.  Additionally 3-1-1 provides information about services that the City of Rochester offers to its community.  Click the link on the right to find out more about 3-1-1!


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