Cemetery Frequently Asked Questions

Do I own the land my grave site is on?
The cemetery owns the land, and you own the burial right.

When you purchase cemetery property you receive a certificate that entitles you to the perpetual use of the space for the purpose of burying human remains. This is known as the burial right. The burial right allows you to dictate how the space will be used and these wishes, if filed with the cemetery, will be carried out even after your death. You can also purchase one additional burial right for each space if you wish to use the same space twice. We will allow one casket and one ash burial in one space, or two ash burials in one space if you choose this option.

It is very important to make your wishes known, especially if you have multiple spaces. If you don't and you die, the matter of who has a right to the space can get very complicated.

Can I return space I don't need?
Yes, the cemetery reserves the first right to repurchase the cemetery property for the original purchase price less perpetual care charges and any expenses incurred by the cemetery plus 2 percent simple interest. Any monument or memorial installed must be removed at your expense.

What is perpetual care?
Perpetual (or endowment) care cemeteries are those that provide for the maintenance of the cemetery-grass cutting, landscaping, building and road repairs-by setting aside a portion of the purchase price of each property sale for a trust fund. The interest from that fund helps pays for the upkeep of the cemetery.

What kind of care will my site receive?
The cemetery will fill in sunken graves with topsoil and plant and cut grass. It will not repair gravestones, monuments or memorials or plant flowers or ornamental plants.

You may plant annuals within 12 inches of the front of any memorial as long as you assume full responsibility for their care and understand that the cemetery is not liable if they are damaged or lost.

How can I decorate my site?
You can plant flowers (see above) or place cut flowers in nonbreakable receptacles. Wilted flowers must be removed. Artificial wreaths are permitted from November 1 to March 1. One American flag is allowed on each grave. The flag should be no larger than 12” x 18”. Tattered or unsightly flags will be removed at the discretion of the cemetery.

No other artificial ornaments or decorations are allowed at any time.

Is the cemetery liable for weather damage or vandalism?
The cemeteries are not responsible for vandalism or acts of nature. However, we request that you report any suspicious activity to the Cemetery office.