Refuse and Recycling

Note: Beginning Nov. 7, the City will transition to an alternating week, mixed-recycling system, using a single 96-gallon rolling container for all recyclable materials. Learn more>> 

The City of Rochester offers weekly refuse collection and recycling pickup for residents. Toters and recycle boxes are provided to ease collection for both residents and refuse collectors. Garbage and recycling must be placed between the sidewalk and curb by 6:30 a.m. on the designated refuse collection day.

Rochester's recycling program has garnered national acclaim. By requiring households to recycle, Rochester reinforces its commitment to green practices while reducing demand on natural resources. The City makes recycling as easy as possible for residents by providing curbside pickup, not requiring items to be pre-sorted, and accepting a wide array of products like newspapers, magazines, glass and metal containers; plastic containers with the plastic container code 1 or 2 stamped on the bottom; corrugated cardboard; empty aerosol cans; telephone books; and clean paper such as junk mail, cereal/shoe boxes, gift boxes, and books. Remember, if it tears, it's recyclable.