Police Overt Digital Surveillance System

In 2008, the Rochester Police Department (RPD) announced a beneficial  crime fighting tool used to increase the protection of our citizens and the safety of our officers. The City of Rochester purchased 50 surveillance cameras that are strategically located throughout the City based upon developed crime data. Surveillance cameras provide the RPD an added tool in keeping City streets safe. The use of these surveillance cameras have given the RPD "an extra set of eyes" on our streets. The RPDp remains committed to ensuring that its citizens receive the best protection available. The City will continue to fund and promote resources into ensuring that public safety remains a priority in this community. As technology evolves, other innovative ideas will be explored as well as implementing the cameras in conjunction with programs linked to the 9-1-1 system.

The Police Overt Digital Surveillance System (PODSS) center is located in the City Public Safety Building (PSB) and is staffed 24 hours a day with the purpose of monitoring any activity that appears suspicious in nature. Within the PODSS center, trained individuals have access to police radios and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) terminals allowing them direct communication with police officers on the street. Like many law enforcement agencies throughout the nation, Rochester continues to be a leading agency in finding innovative ways to decrease criminal activity.



Crime Prevention