About the Department of Human Resource Management

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  • Civil Service Exam Questions:  (585) 428-7454
  • General Human Resource Questions: (585) 428-7115

The Department of Human Resource Management is comprised of six organizational units: Administration, Exam Administration/Civil Service, Labor Relations, Staffing Services, Benefits and Training and Safety. We develop, implement and maintain human resource policies for all City employees. 

Administration directs, manages and sets policy for the Department and develops and implements human resource policies for the entire organization. It coordinates the Department's activities with those of other City departments. Within Administration, Information Services enters personnel transactions into the Workday Personnel/Payroll System that controls payroll, time banks, payroll deductions and benefits. This activity produces specialized personnel management reports for City departments, is responsible for the maintenance of central personnel records and completes information requests from the New York State Retirement System, mortgage institutions and a host of other organizations.

The Benefits unit administers benefit programs for City employees and retirees including:  Group Health Insurance, Group Dental Insurance, Annual Open Enrollments, Group Life Insurance, Parking/Transit Reimbursement Account, Cafeteria Benefits Plan, Flexible Spending Account, Health Reimbursement Account, Domestic Partner Coverage, Long Term Disability and Wellness Programs.

The Exam Administration/Civil Service function supports the City of Rochester Civil Service Commission in a variety of activities. Services include developing and administering examinations for competitive class positions, maintaining eligible lists of qualified candidates, hearing appeals and interpreting the law and rules as they apply to appointment, promotion, discipline and discharge. The Civil Service Commission is comprised of five members appointed by the Mayor for six-year terms. The Commission oversees the administration of Civil Service Law and Rules for City government and the Rochester Housing Authority. The four Civil Service Commissioners are:  Fernan Cepero (Chair until May 31, 2022), Serina Brown, Carol Kramer, and Terrance Youmans.  

Labor Relations negotiates and administers collective bargaining agreements with City employee unions. It processes grievances, represents the City in arbitration proceedings and legislative hearings, and represents the City in conferences and hearings before the Public Employee Relations Board. It advises the Mayor and department heads on contract matters and conducts related research. This unit holds regular labor-management meetings in departments to identify and address various labor issues. It also advises and trains supervisory and management personnel in contract interpretation and administration, manages the Employee Assistance Program and manages the City's Drug and Alcohol Testing Program.

Staffing Services is responsible for processing the hiring, promoting, transferring and terminating of employees. Services include determining position titles, preparing job descriptions, it monitors position vacancies, processes personnel requisitions from departments, arranges advertisements, interviews and referrals, and administers posting, bidding, and layoff procedures in accordance with City policies and collective bargaining agreements. This unit is also responsible for monitoring and implementing the employment aspects of the City's Affirmative Action Plan. Staff meets with departmental representatives during all phases of the employment process.

The Training and Safety unit provides workforce development through the design, delivery and measured evaluation of training and through the administration of the Tuition Assistance Program. It also promotes safe work habits by performing safety inspections and investigations of injuries and accidents, recommending remedial actions. It oversees Workers’ Compensation Administration and the Occupational Medical Contract for non-uniformed employees.

The Payroll Unit  processes the City of Rochester's payroll according to Federal, State, and City policies, and union collective bargaining agreements.  Payroll processing includes creating and maintaining employees' payroll records, calculation of wages and applicable deductions based on employee attendance and timesheet records, issues employees' checks and earnings summaries, completes payroll quarterly tax reports, New York State Retirement monthly reporting and inquiries pertaining to employees' salaries, processing and distribution of yearly W-2 statements, processing of direct deposit forms, Federal W-4 and NYS IT-2104 tax withholding forms.  The payroll unit is also responsible for maintaining the City's timekeeping system and answering employee questions about wages, deductions, attendance, and time records.