The Legislative Process


Legislation is received from the Mayor OR Legislation is received from Councilmembers

  1. Council President assigns legislation to a Council Committee:
        Budget, Finance & Governance, or
        Neighborhoods, Jobs & Housing, or
        People, Parks & Public Works, or
        Public Safety, or 
        Committee of the Whole
  2. Committees recommend legislation for adoption, consideration, or rejection by the entire Council.
  3. Public Hearing may be held on certain pieces of legislation as required by law (e.g., zoning changes).
  4. Council may approve, amend, reject, or send legislation back to committee.
  5. Mayor signs bill or vetoes it. If vetoed, item is sent back to Council for possible override.
  6. City Clerk certifies the legislation and publishes it in the PROCEEDINGS OF COUNCIL


Click  here to view City Council Agendas, Meeting Minutes and Proceedings online.