Downtown Falcons

Live from atop the Times Square and Powers Buildings

Peregrine perched atop MercuryRochester has been home to Peregrine Falcons since 1998. Dennis Money, founder of the Rochester Peregrine Falcon Project, asked Kodak if a nesting box could be placed at the top of the Kodak Office Building. In 1995 the box was mounted on top of the office building.

Since then, there have been several Peregrine pairings in Rochester that have had mating success. Mariah and her mate Cabot-Sirocco moved into the nest in 1998 and continued to nest through 2001. In 2002, Kaver replaced Cabot-Sirocco. The couple successfully hatches two eggs that year. In 2003, 2004 and 2005 Kaver and Mariah successfully hatched five eggs each year. Two of the young peregrines were fastened with transmitter devices to allow researchers to track their activity. The transmitters are designed to fall off approximately two years after they are attached.

By 2008, Mariah and Kaver had raised 43 Peregrine Falcons, a record in the U.S. To accommodate renovations on the Kodak building the nesting box was moved to the Powers Building a short distance away. A second box was placed on the Times Square Building.

In the spring of 2009 Kaver failed to return from his winter migration. Although Mariah attracted three new suitors, none stayed. A new pairing, Beauty and Archer, came to Rochester and challenged Mariah. Mariah was injured but rescued by watchers. Mariah was seen around Rochester and southern Irondequoit up through October, 2009.

The new couple originally nested atop Midtown Plaza Tower, but no eggs were hatched. They then moved to the Times Square nesting box. In 2010, Beauty and Archer successfully hatched two eggs.

Many of the peregrines raised in Rochester have established their own nests in northeastern United States and Canada, making valuable contributions to the recovery of the species. The tracking devices placed on the young peregrines help researchers learn how juvenile falcons move out and establish their own territories and nests.

At the nesting box - as seen from the falcon cameraPeregrines are a symbol of a healthy ecosystem in downtown Rochester and throughout North America. Although they were taken off the federal list of endangered species the Peregrine Falcon is still listed as endangered in New York State.

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