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Reduced Fees For Cat Adoption

All cat adoption fees are now $30 

Free Adoption Events. 

 Check back again for our next free adoption event.

These one-day events apply to all cats and dogs that are available for adoption on the event date and are made possible by support from Petco Love.

Please bring a collar and leash or pet carrier to transport your new pet home safely. Visitors will be brought into the shelter in small groups to minimize stress on the animals. Please dress accordingly for the weather and for waiting in line outside of the shelter.

Adopters can have their names added to wait lists for stray animals with holding periods that expire after the event date and still get them for free. Regular adoption fees may apply for adopters added to waitlist prior to the event date. For more information, visit Pet Adoption Program or email us at

Please remember to bring a pet carrier to ensure that cats can leave on the scheduled release date and make it to their new homes safely.

Donate to Boost Adoptions

Some donors have expressed interest in sponsoring the adoption of a particular animal. Others may want to contribute to medical expenses or special needs for other animals. These may be animals that have been with us for longer than others or for animals with some special needs that may be deterring adopters. In either case, such contributions help place pets into new homes quicker. If you are interested in making a donation toward a specific animal's adoption fees or expenses related to medical or special needs care, please notify us at so that we can ensure that your contribution is allocated for those particular purposes.

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When making an online donation to a specific animal, please explain the purpose and enter the animal's name and reference number in the memo field.


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If there are no cats listed, please do not fret. That means that the cats are getting reunited with owners or adopted into new homes right away. Check back frequently to see who might be looking for a new home with you. Also, check out the adoptable pets in need of rehoming at our Home to Home site.

Visit these adorable companions and other homeless pets at the Animal Services Center:
184 Verona Street, Rochester, New York 14608 (view a map)
Monday - Saturday: 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (Adoptions and visitations end at 3 p.m.)
Closed Sundays

For more information, contact our office at (585) 428-7274 or email us.  



 Barn CatsDollarphotoclub_87434826

Are you interested in obtaining a cat for your farm, nursery, warehouse, or other non-traditional home? We frequently receive cats that may not be ideal for household living but may be great in a different setting. Find out more about our Barn and Working Cat Program.

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If you do not find that special match today, please check back with us frequently as new cats come in daily.  Also consider contacting one of the other shelters or pet rescue organizations in our area. By adopting from our partners, you may be facilitating transfer of another cat from Rochester Animal Services to one of those organizations. You  can also use the Petco Love Lost tool provided below to search for adoptable animals in our areas. Saving lives is a community effort and we are making great things happen together. 


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Thank You Pet Supplies Plus

The City of Rochester is grateful to Pet Supplies Plus for its donation of all of the cat litter and pet food used at the Animal Services Center. This support enables Animal Services to purchase veterinary supplies and shelter enrichment items that would not otherwise be possible.








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