Office of Violence Prevention

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The Office of Violence Prevention implements a centralized strategy of violence reduction programs under the auspices of the Mayor’s Office, and led by Special Advisor to the Mayor Victor Saunders. The mission of this Office is to coordinate and foster better internal and external partnerships to advance violence prevention. In addition to staffing City initiatives, we also collaborate with community-based organizations and agencies working to end violent crime.

The Office of Violence Prevention includes:

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 The Office of Violence Prevention has also provided exciting opportunities for young people to expand their horizons and participate in developmental programs. Past initiatives include: 

Operation Go

The City partnered with Operation Go is an after-school program that exposes youth to careers in the skilled trades, video and music production, sneaker creation, and clothing design. Students gain hands-on experience and guidance with a goal to launch their own enterprise.
Check out the work of the participating youth, and listen to how they were impacted by this experience here.

Young CEO

Young CEO offered Rochester youth encouraged self-development through improving communication skills and self-awareness.

The City partnered with Mental Wealth Records, LLC and Destined 4 Greatness in a paid internship to addressed mental health and trauma and empower youth through personal the arts such as songs, art pieces, poetry and performances. The program provoked creative expression and provided students the opportunity to engage in meaningful and culturally relevant conversations surrounding music to improve community understanding and development.

Alive & Well

The City collaborated with the Alive & Well program which is an enrichment curriculum that focuses on "Social Enterprise." A business model that teaches youth how to operate a business with financial gains while improving the lives of others in the community.
Participants learn business and personal branding, goal setting, and financial literacy. This year’s cohort, formed a business where the proceeds go toward nonprofits assisting victims of violence.

A Horse’s Friend

Rochester youth have the rich opportunity of horsing around while learning responsibility during A Horse’s Friend program. Students learn how to care for horses which includes properly grooming feeding, mounting, and handling horses, cleaning stalls and riding.

Summer of Opportunity

The City’s Summer of Opportunity program provides summer employment placement and training, connects high school youth with local employment opportunities and exposes participants to basic career skills. This program is managed by the Department of Recreation and Human Services. Learn more here.