Forestry Services

The Forestry Division of the Department of Environmental Services manages the care and maintenance of approximately 70,000 public trees located along City streets and in City parks and cemeteries. This includes tree pest management, pruning, planting, removal, inspection and responding to public requests.




Tree Planting  Based on demand and tree availability, the Forestry Division offers tree plantings from April to June and occasionally in November.  City residents can call 311 (outside city limits call 585-428-5990) to request a tree in the public right-of-way.
Tree Pruning  City-owned trees (either located between the sidewalk and the curb or park trees) are pruned during the winter on a rotational schedule. City residents can call 311 (outside city limits call 585-428-5990) to schedule an inspector to review the condition of the tree. If the inspector determines that a tree is a threat to public safety and needs prompt attention, pruning will be scheduled.

To determine if your tree qualifies, it must have either:
1. Low  limbs that impede vehicles or pedestrian foot traffic
2. Large or excessive amounts of dead wood
3. Limbs affecting homes or buildings
4. Limbs blocking traffic signals or signs
5. Limbs blocking a street light

Tree Removal 

Tree removal is a necessary management practice to ensure public safety, urban forest health and responsible fiscal management

A city tree will only be removed under the following circumstances: 

Public Safety: When a hazard constitutes removal of more than 50 percent of the live crown or when the structural integrity of the tree is undermined to the point that it is susceptible to wind fall.

Urban Forest Health: When tree disease significantly threatens the health of other city trees.

Fiscal Management: When alternative tree management practices exceed the value of the tree or will not prolong the tree's life beyond five years.

Tree Stump Grinding/
Lawn Restoration
Tree stump grinding and lawn restoration is provided for property in the public right-of-way from late June to late October.

Forestry worker pruning treesRequest it!

Please call 311 (outside city limits call (585) 428-5990) with inquiries or requests.