Rochester Urban Renewal Agency

Rochester Urban Renewal Agency (RURA) Mission Statement

The mission of the Rochester Urban Renewal Agency is to stimulate urban economic growth and revitalize urban neighborhoods. This is accomplished through the redevelopment of blighted and disinvested areas, creating and retaining jobs, attracting new investment, and improving housing opportunities for city residents.

RURA Enacting Statute

RURA (the Agency), pursuant to the provisions of Article 15-A, Section 553 of the General Municipal Law, is a corporate governmental agency, constituting a public benefit corporation and shall be perpetual in duration. The Agency was created by the enactment of Chapter 196 of the Session Laws of New York of 1969 adopted by the New York State Legislature on April 25, 1969. 

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RURA Board Membership

All RURA Board members are also elected members of the Rochester City Council. The four-year term of each of the RURA Board members coincides with each Board member’s respective City Council member term. Click here for a list of members.

RURA Management and Organizational Structure

The RURA executive management team includes two ex officio City of Rochester personnel in support of the RURA Board. Click here for the RURA organizational structure chart and executive team member backgrounds.

Upcoming RURA Board Meetings

RURA meets on an as-needed basis to fulfill its responsibilities including voting on resolutions related to activities supporting its mission. When needed, RURA meetings will be scheduled to coincide with Rochester City Council meetings. Notice of upcoming scheduled meetings including agenda, time, location, and webcast access will be posted on the RURA webpage.

RURA Board Meeting Minutes

Click here for past RURA Board meeting minutes.

RURA Reports

Click here to access all RURA reports.

Annual Certified Independent Financial Audit

The City of Rochester's Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) includes audited financial information for RURA. Click here to access the report.

Independent Audit Management Letter

No audit management letter was issued with the above referenced independent financial audit.

RURA Schedule of Debt

RURA has no issued debt and does not have any outstanding debt.

 Annual Reports

Performance Measures