Equipment Services - Fleet Services


Manages the Division of Equipment Services and administers the city fleet and related equipment facilities including:Equipment-Services-group-3 

  •  Acquisition and disposal of vehicles and powered equipment   
  •  Specification preparation  
  •  Policies and procedures  
  •  Budget  
  •  Program definitions and rate structures  
  •  Safety program  
  •  Computerized fleet management system  
  •  Vehicles and powered equipment training  
  •  Shared vehicle and equipment program  

Parts, Materials, and Supplies

Maintains parts, materials and supplies used for the repair and maintenance of city vehicles and powered equipment, it operates the parts room and machine shop, rebuilds used parts, and operates the computerized parts bar code inventory system.  Equipment-Services-group-1 

  • Parts purchasing
  • Parts sales
  • Contract compliance
  • Shop tools and equipment
  • Fuel and bulk fluids
  • Inventory maintenance


 Distributes fuel to city vehicles and outside agencies, distribution is controlled by an automatic fueling system that monitors fuel use by vehicle.  

  • Provides fuel to all city vehicles and outside agencies at the federal and local level
  • Alternative fuels including B-20 and E-85
  • Provides CNG fast fueling siteEquipment-Services-group-5 


Maintains and repairs city vehicles and powered equipment, except for Fire Department vehicles. Work includes, but is not limited to preventive, predictive and mechanical repair.

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Repair service
  • Acquisitions processing
  • Make ready and up fitting
  • Shop training program
  • Vehicle equipment auction
  • Warranty recovery
  • Tire repair and replacementEquipment-Services-group-2 
  • Road call service
  • Towing and recovery